The Rubin Brothers

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The Rubin Brothers are four real life brothers who use music, humor, storytelling, & circus arts to bring a spirit of gratitude & joy wherever they go!

The eldest two brothers, Colescott & AJ, just appeared on American Idol Feb 2024, performing Colescott’s original song “Peanut Butter Baby”, which was just released on Colescott’s debut record, co-produced by The Rubin Bros:

“The Rubin Brothers brought such joy and magic to every dance event that I hosted, and they were an absolute pleasure to work with. The factor that sets the Rubin Brothers apart is their palpable passion for the music, and their intuitive understanding of how to entertain the audience. Boston is lucky to host this musical group!”

Jesse Han

GSAS Student Center Fellow & Astrophysics PhD candidate, Harvard University